Adina Balint-Babos holds a University of Toronto Ph.D. (2009) with a thesis on the modern and contemporary French writers Marcel Proust and Jean-Marie Le Clézio, on the topic of creativity and writing in relation to personal identity. Her academic research explores the intersection of contemporary theory, psychoanalysis and continental philosophy, focusing on questions of subjectivity, signification, creativity, suffering, and the ethics of the self-other relation. On the most basic level, Dr. Balint-Babos is interested in what it means to be a human being and become a writer, and to carve out a singular place in the world; how we attempt to transform painful life experiences to personal meaning; what we value and desire (and why); and how fiction, biographies, diaries, letters and testimonials lead us to understand and feel more connected to the depth of human experience. She is also interested in literature and art, as well as the impact of social events on our self-understanding and writing perspectives. 

Adina Balint-Babos has publications on modern and contemporary novels and poetry, book reviews and articles on literature and art. She is currently working on a project on creativity and human singularity in contemporary women’s writing. 

Dr. Balint-Babos started teaching French as a Second Language courses and Cultural Studies when she was still a graduate student at the University of Toronto. Upon completing her doctorate, she became a limited-term Assistant Professor at Trent University where she taught modern and contemporary French literature as well as translation and Cultural Studies to both French major and minor students. 

In fall 2011, Adina Balint-Babos is happy to join the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Winnipeg and share a new exciting experience with students and colleagues.
Dr. Adina Balint-BabOs
Assistant PrOfessOr

Office: 3C31A
Phone: 204.786.9041

 PhD - University of Toronto (2009)
 MA - University of Toronto (2004)
 BA - Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj (2001)

Modern and Contemporary French Literature; French Language. 

20th Century French literature, particularly the French novel: Proust, Le Clézio, Modiano; French literature of the last thirty years: fiction and short items (faits divers); life and fiction; self-narratives (Huston, Mavrikakis, Jauffret, Carrère). Philosophical and psychoanalytic approaches to literature, especially to the process of literary creation and to creativity. mailto:a-balint-babos@uwinnipeg.cashapeimage_2_link_0
“Secret et tension narrative chez Modiano et Le Clézio : entre témoignage et créativité”, Revue @nalyses, vol. 5, no 3, Fall 2010, University of Ottawa, Canada. 

“Double Houellebecq : Littérature et art contemporain. La carte et le territoire de Michel Houellebecq, Paris, Flammarion, 2010, 428 p.” (Note de lecture). Salon double. Observatoire de la littérature contemporaine, November 30, 2010, Montreal, Canada. (  

“Susan Collett: Figuration and Abstraction”, Ceramic Review. The Magazine of Ceramic Art and Craft, Issue 250, July-August 2011, London, UK. 
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